Find the Perfect Match with 3 easy steps at Dace Motor Group

1.   Find your perfect match

With over 600 cars to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect match for you whether that be a roaring sports car, a practical family car, a flashy saloon or a small city car. We have all the potential matches for you at Dace Motor Group


2.   Book a test drive.

When you have found your perfect match that reaches your criteria, book a test drive today and try out your new match and see if it is the car you desire.


3.   Buy now Pay April

Whether your match is for yourself or partner we can have you driving away in your new car without having to pay a penny till April. Another thing which will make your February easier is you can even part exchange your car taking away the headache of having to sell your car privately. Could this be any easier? No we didn’t think so either.

So what are you waiting for, search over 600 potential matches today: