Dace Car Supermarket
Greg Street,
Dace Specialist Car Centre Stockport
417-429 Buxton Road,
Dace German Car Centre
309 Manchester Road,
Dace Specialist Car Centre Manchester
718 Liverpool Road,
M30 7LW


This statement is made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Dace Motor Company Limited understand their responsibility to implement robust systems to prevent acts that could be defined as slavery. Acts such as child labour, forced labour and human trafficking are the more prominent issues but by no means are they all that exist.

We are committed to preventing slavery within our activities and supply chains.

Organisational structure
This statement covers Dace Motor Company Limited which incorporates the following trading styles:

  • Dace Car Supermarket
  • Dace Specialist Car Centre
  • Dace German Car Centre

Dace Motor Company Limited, through its various trading styles, operates within the UK with physical locations solely within Greater Manchester in the North West of England.

Supply chains
Our suppliers range from large national companies to small family businesses.

We consider the large national companies to be high risk as their supply chains include manufacturers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Given the complexity of their supply chain we must rely on the processes in place by these companies to ensure that any form of slavery is not present within their supply chain.

Dace Motor Company Limited have long standing relationships with the small family businesses and know their employees. It is therefore considered a low risk that slavery exists with these businesses.

Relevant policies
Anti-slavery policy
This policy sets out the organisation's stance on modern slavery and explains how employees can identify any instances of this and where they can go for help.

Dace Motor Company Limited operate a whistleblowing policy so that all employees know that they can raise concerns about how colleagues are being treated, or practices within our business or supply chain, without fear of reprisals.

Staff have been educated to be able to identify signs of modern slavery, the initial steps that they should take if it is expected and the procedure to escalate potential instances of modern slavery to the relevant parties within the company. Staff are also aware of external help that is available such as the Modern Slavery helpline.

Due Diligence
Following the completion of a modern slavery risk assessment we have implemented a system for management to identify, mitigate and report the risk of modern slavery. This covers colleagues and those that we conduct business with.

Measuring effectiveness
The effectiveness of the processes we have put in place will be measured by no reports being received from employees, the public or other source that modern slavery has been identified.

Steven Dace
Managing Director